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Lead. Achieve.

If you want to be more, you need to learn more. It is our capacity to learn and use knowledge that enables us to achieve greatness. Come learn with me!

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Where you can find me in the wild!

I'm Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ellerra, an accounting, finance, and strategy firm that works with startups, entrepreneurs, and high-growth businesses. I'm also Co-Founder of LENUSA, a Latino focused live events agency. Additionally, I consult and coach through my firm The Compendium Group.


Online Programs

We are the accumulation of what we know and what we do. I can help you learn and perform.

What students say...

“I've never grown so much personally in my entire life than through this class. For that I am very thankful and I will always remember him! He is sincerely and AMAZING teacher!”

-Berkeley Global Student

“A lot of professors can teach facts or math, but it takes someone with a genuine care for students to teach leadership, self development, and self confidence... Thank you for pushing me as a leaders, engineer, and person.”

-UC Berkeley Senior

“Not only did you share an amazing framework, but you also shared it win an energy and enthusiasm that's contagious. Thank you!”

-Stanford University Graduate Student

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