Take Action!

"The world is not devoid of people with advice. The world is devoid of people who will act!" - Stephen Torres 



From on campus to online, I focus on creating learning journeys for my students that empowers them to be better, do more, and achieve. 


No boring, snoozer speeches here. You can count on energy, engagement, expertise, and entertainment when I speak.


This is where magic happens. A good coach can help you achieve more, while a great coach will help you BECOME more. I focus on greatness.

What students say...

"I've never grown so much personally in my entire life than through this class. For that I am very thankful and I will always remember him! He is sincerely an AMAZING teacher!"

- BerkeleyGlobal Student

What students say...

"A lot of professors can teach facts or math, but it takes someone with a genuine care for students to teach leadership, self development, and self confidence...Thank you for pushing me as a leader, engineer, and person."

-UC Berkeley Senior

Where you can find me in the wild!

I am currently Co-Founder and Co-CEO of LENUSA, a startup focused on live events for the Latino Community. I also consult and coach through my firm The Compendium Group.


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