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Jim Rohn Seasons of Life Mastermind by Stephen Torres

Weathering the Seasons of Life - MASTERMIND


This mastermind is a philosophical journey into the common threads interwoven among nature and human experience. We will explore how life, work, and opportunities are like the changing seasons. When you sign up, you will receive the companion text, my personal recordings, and access to all 5 LIVE mastermind sessions as part of the package. You will then go through a self-paced journey by listening to the recordings, reading the companion text, and watching the live sessions. By the time the Mastermind ends, you will be able to reflect on where you are in your personal journey, and how each season plays a part in your life. In the BONUS section, you have access to three vintage clips of Jim Rohn sharing his wisdom on three important topics: Personal Development, The Future, and Resolve.





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